If God has gifted you with a love for the poor and a desire to know Him more deeply, He may be offering you the precious gift of a vocation to consecrated life.  We’d be happy to talk to you and accompany you in your discernment.
With the recent canonization of our foundress and the ever-increasing population of older persons, our vocation is more relevant than ever.  Saint Jeanne Jugan often said, “What happiness for us, to be a Little Sister of the Poor!”  We feel the same way today and we’re eager to share our joy with you.

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Is God offering you this grace?

Contact us at vocmobile@littlesistersofthepoor.org or call (251) 591-3700.

Steps you might take in discerning whether God is calling you to follow Saint Jeanne Jugan as a Little Sister of the Poor:

  • Check out our national website to read more about our consecrated life and our mission of hospitality to the elderly poor.
  • Arrange to visit us for Mass, or another moment of prayer, and a tour of the Sacred Heart Residence.
  • Volunteer some of your time with the elderly.
  • Attend one of our Discernment Retreats or Days of Prayer throughout the year.
  • Consider a Spring Break or Summer service opportunity with the Little Sisters.

Be assured of our prayers for you.  God bless you.  See you soon!