My name is Shaloundra Holmes and I am the social worker for Sacred Heart Residence, the official name of our Home.

Since our goal is to assure the happiness of our Residents, admission to our Home is a process that takes time and must be thoroughly understood and worked through by prospective residents, their families or responsible parties, and our Home’s admission team. If you wish to schedule an appointment for a tour of the Home, email is an excellent starting place: click here.

If you are actively seeking admission, the process normally begins with a conversation with me or one of the Little Sisters, during which we try to get an overview of an individual’s immediate situation and then determine what steps should follow.  This initial discussion will include:

  • the age and financial circumstances of the prospective Resident
  • his or her current living situation
  • needs and health concerns
  • the hopes and expectations of the individual and their family regarding admission to the Home.

If this initial conversation indicates that the individual’s needs and desires can be met within a definite time frame, I will arrange an interview at Sacred Heart Residence with the person or his or her family or responsible parties, and/or arrange a visit with the person in the hospital or wherever he or she currently is.  This visit is very important to the Little Sisters.  We want persons who come into the Home to truly want to be here and to become part of the family life that the Residents, Little Sisters, and their collaborators share.

It is important to know that, unlike other facilities, the Little Sisters specifically minister to the elderly poor and persons at least sixty-five years of age.  The majority of our Residents are, by definition, eligible for Medicaid and Medicare services.  This means that specific medical and financial criteria must be met for admission.  Under current federal regulations, most of our prospective Residents need a higher amount of care because of a recent onset of illness or disability, or a recent change in medical condition that requires nursing monitoring.  Some general examples of changes that may meet the criteria are a recent hospital stay, a recent injury, a new medical diagnosis, new medications, or an adjustment in medications for chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Because of the Home’s history of service, we do have a waiting list.  Those who want to come into the Home must also understand that different areas of our Home are specifically staffed to meet the needs of different persons.  When a room becomes available in one area of the Home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person at the top of the waiting list is automatically admitted.  The needs of the ninety Residents within the Home constantly change and evolve, as do the needs of each individual on our waiting list.  At the time a vacancy occurs, our admission team reviews the current documented needs of the persons within the Home, so that our ongoing assessment enables us to continually meet their current needs.  Following a review of the needs of our current Residents, the room that actually becomes available may differ from the one that has recently become vacant.  Also, at the time a room becomes available, your needs or those of your loved one on the waiting list may have also changed significantly.  Our only desire is truly to be of service.

For more information about admissions, contact me by email: click here.

If we determine together that we are not able to meet your needs, I will be happy to assist you in identifying other facilities and resources in the community which may be helpful to you.   Thank you for your interest in Sacred Heart Residence.